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We buy back your old glasses. Then we grind them and make new products.

In glassFORever, we focus on reusing the plastic instead of letting nature breaking it down.

Even though plastic causes so much damage to the environment, buying products from glassFORever is a green and climate-friendly investment. We recycle 100% of our products, and we have created a recycling system that takes responsibility for the environment.

After use, our products are not discarded in the rubbish bin. Instead, we collect and transport them to our factory in Denmark, where we grind the used material and use it to produce new, recyclable and ecofriendly glassware. No waste. 100% recycled.

Workflow in the recycling process:
  • Using the glassFORever product
  • Pick-up of used and outdated products:
    • When buying new products, a 5% “trade to new” discount is offered. Pick-up is made by glassFORever.
    • Without exchange to new products, pick-up is done without charge or cash settlement (glassFORever pays for the entire recycling workflow).
    • Pick-up 1-2 times a year – minimum 100 products (or you can ship them to our head office in Vejle, DK).
  • Sorting & regeneration
  • Modification & compounding
  • Coloring
  • Preparation of specific granules
  • Return of granules to our factory & production of new products
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