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For more smiles & more facts

One of the major advantages of glassFORever products is their relatively low weight. The plastic glasses and plastic cups weigh only a third of what regular glasses weigh, and this can be hugely significant for the  working environment. When the work is lighter, employees  smile more, and then there is a good chance that productivity improves as well as the bottom line.


  • 5-YEAR WARRANTY on products that cracks or breaks (read more here)
  • PRODUCTION IN DENMARK - CE-labelled and approved for food use
  • DURABLE - each product can be washed more than 2,000 times
  • STACKABLE - most products are easy to stack
  • REUSE - 100% reuse & recyclable (read more here)
  • EASY CLEANING - wash the same way as conventional products (see washing instructions)
  • HIGH QUALITY - thick base, crystal clear and indestructible
  • BETTER WORKING ENVIRONMENT - lighter, and no accidents with broken glass (read more here)
  • HIGH INSULATION PROPERTIES - resistant to heat or cold, and can be frozen in 5 minutes
  • ISO 9001:2015 CERTIFICATED.
We have also established a very convenient system for existing customers who have acquired our products, but who would like to replace some of them with new products. Don’t throw the plastic glasses away. We will take back old products so that we can reuse the plastic, and then you can buy the new products you need. Read more here

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