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For the environment - the recycling system

Forever glass

When you've been using your glassFORever products for years and they've become too worn, they shouldn't go in the trash.
Instead, we pick them up and ship them to our Danish factory, where they are ground and made into new environmentally friendly products.
Thats's our recycling system. Imagine a world where resources were not extracted to be thrown away after use, but where they were part of a cycle so that waste did not exist. We are far from a waste-free world today. But with the right measures, we can save nature significant resources and get a little closer to a circular economy with resources in orbit.
The trick is to think about reuse and recycling, and your business can make a significant difference. It's about doing things in a new way. One solution is to extend the life of products by reusing and recycling. In this way, we use fewer of nature's raw materials and avoid the destructive combustion. For that reason, we have created glassFORever, which is the business alternative to glasses and cups. We recycle the plastic so that nature does not suffer any harm - we call it glassFORever's recycling system.

When your product is well used, and ready to be replaced, you can:
  • Schedule a free pickup. Contact your dealer or write to
  • Minimum 1500 products
  • The products must be packed in boxes and placed on a pallet

We offer pick-up free of charge, when a new order is being placed. You can place your order through your normal distributor.
If you have less than 1500 glasses you would like to return.
GlassFORever products can be dropped off at your local recycling center, in plastic sorting. From here, the products will also be recycled into new products.

Thank you for taking care of the environment




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