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Decanter & Pitchers

Reusable, recyclable and environmentally friendly plastic Decanter & Pitchers.


The plastic material we use are polycarbonate, C+ copolyester plastic and PP plastic.

Once your reusable, recyclable and environmentally friendly plastic decanters, pitchers and jugs are used up, we take them back.
Then we grind them and make new products.

NO MORE SINGLE USE! After many years of use, the plastic decanters, pitchers and jugs are not discarded in the rubbish bin. Instead, we collect and transport them to our factory in Denmark, where we grind the used material and use it to produce new, recyclable and ecofriendly products. No waste.
We recycle 100% of our products, and we have created a recycling system that takes responsibility for the environment.

Environmentally friendly plastic decanters, pitchers and jugs

In glassFORever, we focus on reusing the plastic instead of letting nature breaking it down.
And this is precisely the recycling aspect that is important if you are talking about saving land and sea from the massive plastic pollution. In principle, bioplastics do not solve anything. The big problem is not that we have oil-based plastic - it is that we have an overproduction and an over-consumption of plastic. Although plastic is one of the major environmental culprits, investing in reusable, recyclable and environmentally friendly plastic decanters, pitchers and jugs from glassFORever is a green investment and a climate-friendly choice.

Unbreakable and reusable plastic decanters, pitchers and jugs

We produce drinking glasses & decanters, pitchers and jugs. But not just regular drinking glasses & decanters, pitchers and jugs...
Where ordinary glass can break and leave glass shards and can be a danger to the surroundings, our specially developed plastic glasses are 100 % unbreakable, providing security, safety and are very easy to work with.
The material is crystal clear and produced with a thick, stable base. We have had the products tested by independent laboratories, and when we claim they are unbreakable, it is because they are. Plastic decanters, pitchers and jugs from glassFORever cannot be broken.

Reusable plastic decanters, pitchers and jugs last longer

Depending on whether you choose a plastic in the material polycarbonate, C+ copolyester plastic, PP & SAN, there are various advantages and properties. On our website under the menu "About glassFORever" you can read more about the plastic we use.
Drinking glasses from glassFORever last 20 times longer than ordinary glasses because of the material. Our glasses & decanters, pitchers and jugs don’t need to be replaced as often, which leads to considerable cost savings.
Drinking glasses & decanters, pitchers and jugs in the material polycarbonate and C+ copolyester plastic has a 5 YEAR WARRANTY on cracks or breaks. Each product can be washed more than 2000 times and is easily washed as traditional drinking glasses & decanters, pitchers and jugs.

Discover the wide selection of unbreakable glasses & decanters, pitchers and jugs

Within our collection of reusable, recyclable and environmentally friendly plastic glasses & plastic decanters, pitchers and jugs, there are more than 160 different plastic products in the plastics types polycarbonate, C+ copolyester plastic, PP & SAN.
The collection contains, among other things, drinking glasses, water glasses, wine glasses, gin glasses, beer glasses, champagne glasses, shot glasses, cocktail glasses, decanters, carafe, ice buckets and much more. All within the category of unbreakable hard plastic, plastic glass, plastic mug, plastic cup, plastic decanters, plastic pitchers, plastic jugs and the like.
Most products are suitable for stacking and easy to stack on top of one another. They have high insulation properties and resistant to heat or cold (can be frozen in 5 minutes). Plastic decanters, pitchers and jugs have a thick bottom, are crystal clear and impossible to break.

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