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For a healthier and lighter working environment

One of the biggest advantages of using our products is that they do not weigh as much as  ordinary products.  

A dishwasher tray filled with ordinary glasses can easily weigh 11-13 kg, while a tray with glassFORever products weighs only 4.5 kg. In other words, the glasses weigh 66% less! 

The products can therefore make a significant and positive impact on the working environment in kitchens, canteens, bars and places where staff are handling glasses every day. Lifting, pulling and pushing heavy objects and washing trays is a frequent cause of occupational injuries and thus sickness absence, but the risk of this happening is markedly reduced when using glassFORever products. Acquiring our specially produced plastic glasses have a positive impact on staff sickness absence, and therefore also on your bottom line.

Excerpt and conclusion from the Ministry of the Environment and Food, Prize for Circular Purchasing - June 2020, Working environment, page 115
When deciding on the use of porcelain cups, consideration should be given to the work environment load involved in lifting dishwashing trays from trolleys to the dishwasher and return, as well as the several emptying of Miele dishwashers. There must necessarily be several shelves in the trolleys that are to transport the dishwashing trays around, and therefore many lifts and bends with heavy dishwashing trays, filled with porcelain cups. The kitchen tables in the dishwashing kitchens do not have a raising and lowering function, which is a prerequisite for more washing up. It is already a work environment challenge that has been reprimanded by APV.


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