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Over three years, having glassFORever products equates to total savings of 59.4%

Products from glassFORever last 20 times longer than ordinary glasses because of the material. Our glasses don’t need to be replaced as often, which leads to considerable cost savings. If a nightclub purchases 3,200 glasses at start-up, our survey of 100 nightclubs shows that over three years it’s possible to save 59.4% on glass purchases by buying products from glassFORever at the outset instead of purchasing conventional glassware.

This is something that shows on the bottom line.

The calculation covers 100 nightclubs, and is based on an average nightclub that needs 3,200 glasses at start-up. As the products from glassFORever last up to 20 times longer than ordinary glasses, the need to continuously replace stock is markedly lower. Calculated over three years, it equates to a total saving for the nightclub of 59.4%. The example is calculated on the basis of glassFORever glasses, which are completely comparable in terms of their design and appearance, and based on list prices at the time of the survey.

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