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For the environment


The solution is recycling, collection and reuse

Imagine a world where resources are not extracted and discarded after use, but where they enter a reusable cycle that completely does away with waste. We are far from a waste-free world today. But with the right initiatives, we can significantly reduce our consumption of natural resources and move a little closer to a circular resource economy. The trick is to think in terms of reuse and recycling, and your business can make a big difference.



What your company can do for the environment

The global environmental impact that affects every aspect of nature, including the health of animals and humans, can seem daunting at times. After all, what difference can the individual make? Actually, a whole lot. Any effort to extend the life of products, collect and reuse, helps to reduce the environmental impact and promote biodiversity. Your company’s decision to replace disposable or standard glasses with reusable glasses thus makes a huge difference to the environment.

It is about doing things in a new way. One of the solutions is to extend the life of products by reusing, using shatterproof products with a long service life and recycling. In this way, we consume fewer of nature’s raw materials and avoid the need for destructive incineration or broken glasses and cups. For this reason, we have created glassFORever, which is the business community’s alternative to glasses and cups. We recycle the plastic so that nature does not suffer – we call it the glassFORever recycling system.


That is why you should consider an alternative

Disposable to-go cups are such a convenient solution. But once you have enjoyed your coffee or water and thrown out the to-go cup, nature’s hard work begins and never really ends. The plastic coating on the inside of the cup makes it waterproof, but the plastic is impossible to recycle under normal conditions, and when the degradation process eventually begins, the plastic breaks down into tiny particles (microplastics), which endlessly pollute the environment. Biodegradable plastic can only be broken down under very special conditions and cannot be recycled. It therefore ends up being incinerated.


Business without disposable cups could mean a brighter future

Single-use and plastic in nature is an environmental problem we must all take seriously. At glassFORever, we have therefore set out to give the business community an alternative to using disposable cups that can reduce the environmental footprint by as much as 88.9%. glassFORever is the eco-friendly alternative to disposable glasses, cardboard cups and standard drinking glasses. We recycle the plastic, so that nature does not suffer.



Forever glass

When your glassFORever products have become worse for wear after years of use, they should not be thrown in the bin. Instead, we collect them and transport them to our Danish factory, where they are ground down and made into new eco-friendly products. There is our recycling system – read more here


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