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Granity 32 cl
Wine 38 cl
Premium Aqua 35 cl
Premium 35 cl
Coffee Stack dark grey 27 cl PP
Wine 58 cl
Shot 2,5 cl
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Shot 2,5 cl
High Ball 32 cl
Shot 2 cl
Wine 38 cl
Premium 35 cl
Kölner Stange 0,2l
Granity Rock BASE 24 cl
Granity 32 cl
Granity 47 cl

Welcome to glassFORever - Reusable, recyclable and 
environmentally friendly plastic glasses, cups & decanters

We are a Danish company that develops innovative solutions within plastic glassware, our main focus being functionality, product safety and the environment - reuse & recycle! 
The products are made of specially designed plastic, which ensures that the glasses never shatter, leaving dangerous glass shards. But they look like regular glass.
The products are ideal for commercial kitchens, canteens, hospitals, institutions, schools, prisons and the transport industry. However, all barefoot areas, hotels, cafés, bars and nightclubs also benefit greatly from using glassFORever’s safe and light products.

Perfect to all industries who today are using single-use and disposable glasses. Or are using regular drinking glasses and cups and want a healthier and lighter working environment.

For the private customers, glassFORever is perfect for children, elderly and all outdoor use like for example camping, boat and picnic.

Delivery all over Europe. If you are located outside Europe, please contact us by mail.

Together with our customers, we will lead the way at developing reusable, recyclable and environmentally friendly plastic drinking glasses and other products that never break as well as accessories tailored to individual markets.

Within the collection of reuseable, recyclable and environmentally friendly plastic glasses, there are more than 160 different plastic glasses in the plastics material’s polycarbonate, tritan plastic, PP & SAN.
The collection contains, among other things; luxury plastic glasses, plastic water glasses, plastic wine glasses, plastic gin glasses, plastic beer glasses, plastic champagne glasses, plastic drinking glasses, plastic cocktail glasses, plastic decanters, ice buckets and much more. All within the category of unbreakable hard plastic, plastic glass, plastic mug, plastic cup, etc.

Once your reusable, recyclable and eco-friendly plastic products are used, we take them back. Then we grind them and make new products.

glassFORever is ISO 9001:2015 certificated.        

The UN Sustainable Development Goals - Responsible consumption and production (12)  

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