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Shot Tray

Shot Tray
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Unbreakable tray for shot glasses
Fits to shotglasses with item no. 100201, 100202, 100102-PP, 100103-PP, 100104-PP, 100105-PP.

Ideal for hotels, restaurants, cafés, bars, nightclubs and events.
As a private customer, this tray is perfect for all outdoor use like for example camping, boat, picnic and party.

This tray is made in a specially designed plastic, which ensures that the glass never shatter, leaving dangerous glass shards. But it looks like a regular glass.
This tray is off the highest standard and are second to none within the unbreakable plastic glassware market. Main focus is on design, supreme raw material and the environment - 100% recyclable and reusable.
After many years of use, this glass are not to be discarded in the rubbish bin. Instead, we grind the used material and use it to produce new, recyclable and ecofriendly glassware. No waste.
  • 5-YEAR WARRANTY on this glass if it cracks or breaks (read more here)
  • DURABLE - each product can be washed more than 2,000 times
  • ECO-FRIENDLY - 100% reuse & recyclable (read more here)
  • EASY CLEANING - wash the same way as conventional glassware (see washing instructions)
  • HIGH QUALITY - thick base, crystal clear and indestructible
  • BETTER WORKING ENVIRONMENT - lighter, and no accidents with broken glass (read more here)
  • HIGH INSULATION PROPERTIES - resistant to heat or cold, and can be frozen in 5 minutes
  • STACKABLE - most products are easy to stack
Item no 100210
Product name Shot Tray
Content cl.
Content oz.
Amount per. Box 10
Item weight (netto) 143 g
Item weight (gross) g. 181
Total in a colli (PK) 80
EAN/Barcode Box 5704713000900
Product size - Dia top (L) cm 155
Product size - Dia bottom (W) cm 36
Product size - High cm 250
Colli box size - length cm 55,5
Colli box size - wide cm 35,0
Colli box size - high cm 23,0
Cbm. 0,045
Pcs per pallet 2.240
Amount on a pallet - per layer 320
Amount on a pallet - per height 560
Pallet size - length 1200
Pallet size - wide 800
Pallet size - high 2000
Type Material PC
Colour Clear
Bottom logo G4E
Mark line (cl) No
CE symbol No
Boxes in a colli (PK) 8
Amount of colli on a pallet 28
Amount on a pallet - per layer 4
Amount on a pallet - per height 7
Pcs per layer 320
Box G.W 14,500
Box N.W 11,300
Stackable friendly  Yes
Item no: 100210
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