If you work in e.g. a canteen or an industrial kitchen and have to lift traditional glasses and dishwasher trays on a daily basis, you know how hard these lifts are on your back – every day.
By preventing musculoskeletal disorders you retain your staff at your workplace. This contributes to reducing sick leave. It can have a positive influence on your productivity and at the end of the day on your bottom line.

Figures indicate that up to one fourth of all sick leaves and early retirements is linked to muscular and skeletal stress at work.
By investing in glasses from glassFORever you reduce the daily stress by approximately 66% compared to traditional glasses. A dishwasher tray filled with glasses from glassFORever typically weighs 4-5 kg, whereas a tray containing traditional glasses normally weighs 12-13 kg, which is actually above the critical limit for lifts away from the body as set in the established in the recommendations from the the Danish Labour.

SOURCE: Recommendations of the Danish Labour Inspectorate, May 2016

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